• Conventional Loan

  • As a mortgage broker, Silver Leaf Mortgage works with more than one lender to provide you with the very best loan tailored to your circumstances, life-style and goals. 

    • As little as 1% down with certain programs, and this can be gift funds!
    • Fixed and adjustable rate mortgages
    • 30-, 20-, and 15-year terms

     Contact us to find out what loan is the best fit for you and your family, taking into account your goals and desires.

  • Your Timeline
    Talk to your loan officer at Silver Leaf Mortgage to discuss your timeline for purchasing your dream home. 

    Your Credit 

    A credit score is generated by a credit reporting agency and is calculated from several pieces of data in your credit report. Both positive and negative information is considered in the calculation, including payment history, amounts owed, length of credit history and types of credit used. The higher the score, the better your loan rates will likely be. 

    Your Next Steps

    When you contact us, you will see what loans you may qualify for, where you stand with respect to your score and how you may be able to improve it, if necessary. We can help you with a strategy to payoff certain debts, and improve your debt-to-income ratio (DTI). Our goal will be to help you know how to raise your credit scores as quickly as possible.

    Your Plan

    Your  Silver Leaf loan officer will be able to help you fine-tune your plan for going shopping for a home with information on what size mortgage you can qualify for. Some considerations are the property taxes and homeowners insurance, and possible home owners association fees. You will know your buying power and can shop with confidence. 

    Your New Home

    Silver Leaf will help you navigate the home buying process from initial pre-qualification through contract, inspection, appraisal, approval and closing. It couldn't be easier! 

    Call or email to get started today! 

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