Lease-Purchase Agreement

A lease-to-purchase agreement is a lease combined with an option to purchase the property within a specified period, usually 3 years or less, at an agreed-upon price.

Lease – Purchase Loan

Have you been renting for some time and would love to own? We have a loan that will allow you to lease in order to own.

  • Borrower receives credit for equity growth in home
  • Use appraised value as borrower’s equity for rate term
  • LTV based off appraised value vs purchase sales price
  • Must have cancelled rent checks
  • Agreement must have been executed over 12 months ago to use the appraised value
  • LTV determined by borrower’s scores/credit, rate-term only, no cash-out
  • Loans up to $3 million and 90% LTV with no MI
  • Renter is now treated as the home owner without being on title for qualification purposes
  • Title must be transferred to borrower at closing
  • Credit scores as low as 500

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