Non-Prime Mortgage

A Non-prime mortgage is usually for self-employed individuals who recently had short sell, forclosure, or experienced adverse credit conditions from the most recent recession.

There are times in life where things don’t go according to plan, but that is no reason you should not be able to move forward with buying a home. Even you have bruised credit, have had a BK, foreclosure, short sale or deed-in-lieu, Silver Leaf Mortgage can help you! There is no seasoning for housing events, and your credit can be as low as 580 FICO. Up to 80% LTV is no problem, and you may be able to borrow up to $1 million! Non-warrantable condos, townhomes, 2-4 units and single family homes are all acceptable. Call Silver Leaf Mortgage for more information and to see how you can become a home owner!

  • Up to 80% LTV
  • Credit scores as low as 580
  • Loans up to $1 million
  • No seasoning for FC, SS,DIL, BK
  • Non-warrantable condos OK
  • Single family, 2 to 4 units, townhouses
  • 50% DTI / pre-pay penalty may apply
  • 6 months reserves

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